Beware of ChexSystems Help Sites that are Scamming People

Beware of sites that participate in the following activities:

  • Guaranteed ChexSystems removal
  • Selling ChexSystems reports
  • Selling a list of banks

First off, no one can guarantee the removal of your name from ChexSystems, except ChexSystems themselves. ChexSystems removal is not easy, especially if your information on ChexSystems is verifiable and accurate.

ChexSystems is only required to remove your name under 3 circumstances:

  • If the reporting bank requests the removal of your name from the ChexSystems database.
  • If ChexSystems has information that is inaccurate or unverifiable.
  • If ChexSystems has violated any laws that protect the consumer under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

If you don’t fall into any of these situations, then chances are your record will remain for the entire 5 years.

Beware of sites that guarantee ChexSystems removal

Sites that sell a ChexSystems removal service are usually not actually providing a service – they are usually trying to sell you a cookie-cutter dispute kit that is often times ineffective. ChexSystems dispute letters are available for free online simply by doing a search on Google. Don’t be fooled – there isn’t anything that they can do that you can’t do yourself.

Beware of sites selling ChexSystems reports

ChexSystems reports are free! If a site is trying to sell you a ChexSystems report, run and don’t look back! Here’s the official ChexSystems page where you can order your ChexSystems report for free:

Beware of sites selling lists of Non-ChexSystems banks

You can easily find a free list of Non-ChexSystems banks online, including our site. There is no reason why you should pay for something like this. Usually, the free lists are more up-to-date and accurate because more people get involved in helping each other.

Don’t be fooled by a name

Just because a website looks legit, doesn’t mean it is. It’s extremely easy for anybody to throw up a professional looking website and pose as a legitimate company. Anything on a website can easily be duplicated or faked… for example, the BBB logo or a trust symbol. These images mean absolutely nothing unless they actually link to a real BBB or trust certification page. And, by the way, the official ChexSystems website is:

Scams are on the rise. Don’t be a victim to these predatory scammers. Your strongest defense is to get informed and make smart choices.